# Status Description
2017202725 Filed Diffuser fan shroud system for spraying chemicals on agricultural row crops.
2017204465 Filed Hybrid flow nozzle and control system
2007343509 Ceased A dry coal powder gasification furnace
2010352883 Granted Apparatus for pneumatic vacuum separation of bulk materials
1984037092 Ceased Bucketwheel excavator with oscillating nozzles
1988024598 Ceased Method for operating a melt-down gasifier and melt-down gasifier for the implementation of said method
1990050439 Ceased Method and apparatus for treating turf
2005338846 Granted Method of modulating printhead peak power requirement using redundant nozzles
1996075937 Ceased Method for manufacturing diffusors for shower heads
1997032426 Ceased Gatling jet
2011318563 Granted Fixed systems and methods for extinguishing industrial tank fires, with and without fixed roof, including aerated foam projecting nozzles and center directed nozzles
2012220354 Granted Fluid drilling head nozzle design
1990047743 Ceased Combustor fuel nozzle arrangement
1992012017 Ceased Dispensing method and apparatus
2013222773 Granted Method and system for tuning a hydraulic turbine using secondary injection nozzles in nozzle ring
1990065990 Ceased Cooling of cast billets
1991071371 Ceased System for steering a missile by means of lateral gas jets
2008296992 Granted Method and apparatus for cleaning diesel particulate filters and for diagnosing damage thereto
1989042924 Ceased Universal cold runner block