Optical Systems

# Status Description
2006338530 Lapsed A routing device for optical fibre systems
2006344990 Granted A cable loop device for optical systems
2009322446 Lapsed Optical fiber array cables and associated fiber optic cables and systems
1990055329 Lapsed Polyarlylether ketones containing indane and use of amorphous polyarlyether ketones in optical systems
2008312343 Granted Non-rigidly coupled, overlapping, non-feedback, optical systems for spatial filtering of fourier transform optical patterns and image shape content characterization
2013274232 Filed Optical automatic attitude measurement for lightweight portable optical systems
1999041751 Ceased Stereoscopic system
1998088441 Ceased Observation apparatus and fusion splicer for optical fibers
2005227176 Granted Transformation methods of wavefront maps from one vertex distance to another
2007300349 Granted Wavefront propagation from one plane to another
2008213677 Lapsed Optical systems and methods for rationmetric measurement of blood glucose concentration
2013269656 Lapsed A method for providing a personalized spectacle lens optical system for a wearer
1989028385 Ceased Path guidance indicator apparatus for vehicles or crafts
1991085404 Ceased Optical systems, telescopes and binoculars
1992023319 Ceased Fault location in optical systems
2000032526 Granted Method and apparatus for particle assessment using multiple scanning beam reflectance
2013239826 Filed Monolithic beam-shaping optical systems and methods for an OCT probe
1999032315 Lapsed Apparatus and method for reducing SPM/GVD in optical systems
2012244092 Lapsed Optical lens systems
2013315607 Filed Ergonomic head mounted display device and optical system