# Status Description
1999013204 Ceased Fluid control valve
1992010456 Ceased Steam iron spray or surge pump selector valve having an angled valve surface
1991072837 Expired ATM switching network
1997016218 Ceased Electrical power connector
1995020505 Ceased Multicast routing in self-routing multistage networks
1986056577 Ceased Burner
2000072471 Lapsed Liquid ejecting recording head and liquid ejecting recording apparatus
2001031925 Ceased Equipment for supplying molten metal to a continuous casting ingot mould and method for using same
2003203920 Granted Liquid Ejecting Recording Head and Liquid Ejecting Recording Apparatus
2004100894 Ceased Branch of a water timer
1991072605 Ceased Communication switching module
1992019697 Ceased Telecommunication system
2005325232 Granted Modular system and apparatus for testing gas detectors
1998051088 Ceased Ink jet recording head and apparatus
2000041078 Ceased Fluids manipulation device with format conversion
1985048347 Ceased Air comb arrangement for jet dyeing machine
1987071931 Ceased Air deflecting means for use with air outlets defined in dropped ceiling constructions
1990052122 Lapsed A skimming apparatus
1991072606 Ceased Routing logic means for communication switching element
2008225883 Lapsed Nanofibrous structures and their use in dental applications