# Status Description
1999013204 Ceased Fluid control valve
2017200286 Filed Fluid heating and storage tank and system; and pump therefor
2017202725 Filed Diffuser fan shroud system for spraying chemicals on agricultural row crops.
2017254826 Filed Fuel delivery system and method
1990059924 Ceased Switching network for an ATM system
1991072837 Expired ATM switching network
1997016218 Ceased Electrical power connector
2000072471 Lapsed Liquid ejecting recording head and liquid ejecting recording apparatus
2003203920 Granted Liquid Ejecting Recording Head and Liquid Ejecting Recording Apparatus
2004100894 Ceased Branch of a water timer
1986056577 Ceased Burner
1990051409 Ceased Process for preparing multihardness foam articles
1991072605 Ceased Communication switching module
2008225883 Lapsed Nanofibrous structures and their use in dental applications
2008229786 Lapsed Apparatus for providing electrical power to electrical device and method of use
1985048347 Ceased Air comb arrangement for jet dyeing machine
1987071931 Ceased Air deflecting means for use with air outlets defined in dropped ceiling constructions
1990052122 Lapsed A skimming apparatus
1991072606 Ceased Routing logic means for communication switching element