Pipe Couplings

# Status Description
2007322228 Granted Offshore pipe string with different pipe joints
2005232296 Lapsed A pipe assembly and improved pipe couplings
2003200071 Lapsed Pipe couplings
2003200249 Lapsed Pipe couplings
2011200087 Granted Deformable mechanical pipe coupling
2003200445 Lapsed Pipe couplings
2007231664 Lapsed A pipe coupling arrangement and a pipe fitting including the pipe coupling arrangement
1998086096 Lapsed Segmented pipe couplings employing T-bolts and improved T-bolts therefor
2005337422 Ceased A pipe coupling adapted for sealing the end of a pipe
1990050697 Expired A coupling arrangement
1990058626 Ceased Improvements to pipe couplings
2006282045 Granted Stop assembly for pipe couplings
2010259056 Lapsed Couplings having stiffening ribs and keys with oppositely disposed camming surfaces
2016250143 Filed Fire-resistant pipe coupling
2002010207 Granted Pipe couplings
2004235398 Ceased Gasket for pipe coupling and pipe coupling incorporating same
1990050140 Ceased Tamper-proof valve arrangement
2011265591 Granted A stepped down grip ring for use in pipe couplings and pipe coupling incorporating same
2010315623 Granted Systems and methods for pipe couplings
2010203317 Granted Seal with rigid stop ring