Plastic Article

# Status Description
2008216963 Lapsed Method of tinting a plastic article
1992021515 Ceased Process for injection molding a hollow plastic article
1991089595 Ceased Method for the use of gas assistance in the molding of plastic articles to enhance surface quality
1996070486 Ceased Method for forming an angled plastic article of varying density
1985037744 Ceased Trimming of polyester containers using a laser
1992017318 Ceased Coinjected plastic garment hangers, method of molding hangers and apparatus for implementing method
1995034559 Ceased Blow molded plastic container and method
1997012322 Expired Apparatus and method for plasma processing
1993033222 Ceased Process for injection molding a hollow plastic article
1995026131 Ceased Method and devices for producing a moulded plastic article
2003294534 Ceased Apparatus for removing a molded article from a mold
1996070489 Ceased Method for controlling skin thickness of plastic article made with controlled density
1989040837 Ceased In mold sulfonation system
1992028139 Ceased Plastic article having flame retardant properties
1990047750 Ceased Microstructure-bearing composite plastic articles and method of making
1995016809 Ceased Biodegradable copolymers and plastic articles comprising biodegradable copolymers of 3-hydroxyhexanoate
1999055000 Ceased Tinting plastic articles
2007248778 Lapsed Method of treating a plastic article
2000016519 Granted Neutral-colored gray photochromic plastic object