Power Conveyor

# Status Description
2017101398 Granted A purification and recycling system for exhausted gas for activated carbon production
1998077483 Expired Apparatus and method for continuous mining
2007343372 Granted Method for determining the specific power requirement of a belt conveyor system for bulk materials in operation with nonconstant loading
1991072677 Expired Conveyor discharge apparatus and method
1997026685 Ceased Conveyor system with driven roller transfer assembly
2012276745 Lapsed Conveyor device bearing unit with malfunction detection function, conveyor equipment and bearing unit monitoring system
1990063889 Ceased Methods and means for treating sludge
2001295327 Lapsed Self-propelled remote mining conveyor, method and apparatus therefor
1997021696 Ceased Power take off from an endless conveyor
2014299212 Accepted Noise collection system for belt conveyor
2003237267 Ceased Multiple drive conveyor system
2004203103 Lapsed Method and apparatus for remote self-propelled conveying in mineral deposits
2006200643 Ceased Conveyor system with conveyor elements running along a guide-way on rollers and method for the manufacturing of the rollers
2016270232 Filed Conveyor belt system for transporting a food product, and a method for cleaning a conveyor belt in a conveyor belt system
1985045843 Ceased Continuous mining machine
1989046775 Ceased Apparatus for closing a package around an article to be packaged
2010352883 Granted Apparatus for pneumatic vacuum separation of bulk materials
2000016411 Lapsed Method and apparatus for remote self-propelled conveying in mineral deposits
1995024987 Ceased Sandbagging machine
2006222660 Lapsed Improved breading machine