# Status Description
1999039058 Lapsed Automatic handler for feeding containers into and out of an analytical instrument
1987075627 Ceased A toy cog railway system
1991081343 Ceased Sampler for many samples and sample rack start/stock unit
1998083104 Ceased A system employing a bracket to obtain secure engagement of a holding device for a system for clamping two members
2005100888 Ceased Foldable barbecue grill
2004219671 Granted Devices, methods, and systems for keying a lock assembly
2000032044 Ceased Supporting device
2010245852 Granted System and method for arranging equipment in a data center
1986066672 Ceased Improvements in or to tiltable seats for vehicles
2002300626 Lapsed A method for inventory and layout management of a facility
2010101004 Ceased Pivoting Storage Finger For Wakeboard Tower Racks
2010324438 Lapsed Vessel for transporting and hoisting offshore wind generating set and transporting and lifting method
1990061026 Lapsed Fastening device for anchoring things onto support structures of vehicles in general, such as racks, roof racks, and the like
1994078859 Ceased Refuse packer assembly
1985044657 Ceased Improvements in tile manufacturing apparatus
1989032737 Ceased A double deck rail car
1989039451 Ceased Apparatus for determining the unbalance of wheels mounted on a vehicle
1989039667 Ceased Mechanised storage system
1989041311 Ceased Improved rack lock
1996041674 Ceased A modular tiered rack assembly