# Status Description
1996040846 Lapsed Bottle chiller
2000062507 Granted Hybrid cycle for liquefied natural gas
1999065539 Lapsed Cryogenic rectification system with hybrid refrigeration generation
2000062509 Ceased Gas liquefaction process with partial condensation of mixed refrigerant at intermediate temperatures
1999065542 Ceased Method for providing refrigeration
2011252272 Granted Refrigeration vehicle and method for cooling its refrigeration space using a low-temperature-liquefied combustible gas
2000071618 Lapsed Refrigeration system with independent compartment temperature control
1996074240 Expired Cascaded refrigeration process for liquefaction of gases and apparatus for transferring compressor loading
1999055640 Lapsed Multistage rapid product refrigeration apparatus and method
1999065541 Ceased Variable load refrigeration system particularly for cryogenic temperatures
2000016859 Ceased Refrigerating device
2001065547 Lapsed Electromagnetic wave-activated sorption refrigeration system
1994077478 Lapsed A refrigeration apparatus
2004268234 Granted Refrigeration control system
2005324830 Granted Modular refrigeration unit and process for assembling a modular refrigeration unit to a cabinet of a refrigeration appliance
2007100672 Ceased Real-time Refrigeration Index/Continuous Calculation and Monitoring of Refrigeration Index
2007240134 Granted Flow rate control system in refrigeration circuits, method for controlling a refrigeration system and a refrigeration system
2008226387 Granted A refrigeration control system
2009245831 Lapsed Alternative pre-cooling arrangement
1985046129 Ceased Circuit configuration for controlling refrigeration circuits for at least 2 refrigeration areas