Screen Walls

# Status Description
2017202223 Accepted Device for mixing and storing polymethyl methacrylate bone cement with pressure pump and ampoule breaker
2004101061 Ceased Insert for intruder resistant screen
2007101212 Expired Frame for security door
2014101185 Granted SCREEN ASSEMBLY
2007101213 Expired Security door
2014384165 Filed Computerized furniture piece and relative multimedia system
2007234624 Lapsed Air filter with partial-depth, open-cell stabilizer to reduce detrimental shifting and settling of granular filter materials within the filter
1994075922 Ceased Screen box for a pasta cooker
2000025245 Lapsed Device for pumping slurry
2001277403 Granted Screening apparatus
1985042053 Expired Fine mesh screen for screen printing
1990056160 Ceased Thin-type picture display device
1991069363 Ceased Mounting system for increasing the wear life of a vibrating screen panel
1993047716 Lapsed Solid/liquid separation apparatus with adjustable screen
2006326497 Granted Vibratory separator
1992013077 Lapsed A method of manufacturing and repairing molten metal containment vessels
2013388347 Filed Vibrating screen
2015200591 Filed Screen mount assembly
1992020739 Lapsed Shelter
1996068129 Ceased Adjustable bar screen