Scrubbing and Cleaning

# Status Description
1990068454 Lapsed Washing machine
2004285559 Granted Toothbrush with enhanced cleaning effects
2004240169 Lapsed A cleaning device
2010257383 Granted Toothbrush with enhanced cleaning effects
2017203045 Filed System and method for cleaning external walls of building
2016263761 Filed Reverse osmosis membrane cleaner, cleaning solution, and cleaning method
2008228516 Granted Flue gas cooling and cleaning system
2001054487 Lapsed Shower rinser
1998078225 Granted System for quenching and scrubbing and cooling and washing hot partial oxidation gas
2006201142 Granted Method and device for high-capacity entrained flow gasifier
2003254839 Lapsed Method of separating target gas
2008350457 Lapsed Underwater cleaning robot and auxiliary cleaning work machine
1991070959 Lapsed Process of purifying exhaust gas
2005238430 Ceased Wet scrubbing and recycle of effluent-contaminating catalyst particles in an oxygenate-to-olefin process
2005317224 Ceased Point of use cleaning solution
2004269949 Lapsed Cleaning device with cleaning head and cleaning product supply means
2005249987 Ceased Pipe weld cleaning machine
2006285437 Granted Surface cleaning device with liquid dispenser
2007281757 Lapsed Backpacking stove
2006257500 Lapsed Method for controlling a cleaning device and cleaning device for carrying out said method