# Status Description
2012100891 Ceased Display Board Shelving System
1994066127 Ceased Shelf construction
1998063508 Lapsed Shelving system
1998074080 Ceased Rear loading merchandise shelving arrangement
1999026545 Lapsed Organization system and method for installing same
1998095179 Ceased Improvements in shelving
2000028894 Ceased Display panelling system
2002021617 Lapsed Shelving
2007100978 Revoked A shelving assembly for vehicles
2008310294 Granted A shelving assembly for vehicles
2014304738 Lapsed Groove and tongue system for a shelving wall of a shelving system
2011100359 Ceased Shelving system
2012211414 Lapsed Shelving system
2014200005 Filed 'C' Channel Floor Fixing & Bumper System for Supermarket, Retail, Commercial & Library Shelving. The stainless steel ‘C’ Channel is designed to lock the rear adjustable foot on all the Metal Shelving Bays to the floor to eliminate the shelving being pushed out of alignment when struck by a pallet jacks, heavy trolleys or building movement.
2006222672 Ceased Improvements in structures for supporting shelving
2008288685 Granted A runner assembly for mobile shelving
1999024913 Lapsed Adjustable shelving apparatus
2016266928 Filed Modular shelving systems, magnetic electrical connectors, conductor assemblies, and mounting inserts
1990055145 Lapsed Innovations to modular shelving and work surfaces
1990056845 Expired A shelving system