Special Receptacle or Package

# Status Description
2002331335 Ceased Self-absorbing gas-barrier receptacle for food packaging and food package obtained therefrom
1993045527 Ceased Furniture base
2008324751 Lapsed Dual receptacle symmetrical package for liquids
1999042342 Lapsed A pumping system
2015344435 Accepted An improved flexible package for packing fresh produce made from a biodegradable flexible film
2008101022 Ceased Yourmysterygift
2004200540 Granted A bag system comprising a means of associating sampling receptacles
2001100031 Expired Gaming machine with special symbol position
1994057996 Ceased Improvements relating to waste disposal and recyclable material collection and disposal
2004292421 Revoked Uterine artery occlusion device with cervical receptacle
1999021417 Ceased Sorting system
2011218658 Granted A bag system comprising a means of associating sampling receptacles
2000026602 Method of protecting tobacco or a tobacco product, and a container or package ora receptacle for storing thereof
2001075567 Granted Interactive television program guide system with pay program package promotion
2001240350 Granted Process for preparing controlled samples of particles such as microorganisms and cells
2004294358 Lapsed Display package for gloves in compressed state
2008302692 Ceased Multipurpose urinal attachment
2005282268 Lapsed Self propelled food and beverage receptacle
2006276350 Lapsed Package and method of closing and opening a package
2003266878 Lapsed Electric power bar