# Status Description
2017223512 Filed Aircraft spraying control device, method thereof, and spraying system
2016272435 Filed Spray coating of cans
2016283022 Filed Spraying unit, compact spraying module including such a unit, and spraying and control system including a plurality of such modules
2007259211 Lapsed Method and apparatus in connection with spraying head and protective element of spraying head
2000020702 Ceased An apparatus for sucking dust by spraying high-pressure water in a sublevel caving hydraulic support for sublevel caving hydraulic support
2014206825 Filed Method and apparatus for spraying ground surfaces
1996060728 Ceased Process and device for spraying a liquid product
2000035422 Lapsed Refuse incinerating oven
2004315161 Granted Electrostatic spraying device
2005261508 Lapsed Apparatus and method of using the same
2007318532 Granted Set accelerator and technique for spraying with the same
2009202844 Granted Method for controlling fragrance spray for clothes dryer
1998069857 Lapsed Improved roof tile and method and apparatus for providing same
2010237668 Granted Laundry treating apparatus with liquid spraying function
2011232222 Granted Cap for mineral water spraying bottle and multifunctional mineral water spraying bottle with the same
2016259852 Filed Water spraying device for above ground pool
2016282475 Filed Compact spraying module, system for spraying and controlling a plurality of such modules, and method for controlling modules of such a system
2016297533 Filed Dishwasher in the form of a commercial utensil washer or dishwasher which is designed as a batch dishwasher
2017202725 Filed Diffuser fan shroud system for spraying chemicals on agricultural row crops.