# Status Description
1984029085 Ceased Stabilized isoenzyme control product
1990056406 Expired Composition and method for reducing gastro-intestinal distress due to alpha-d-galactoside-linked/containing sugars
1998067088 Ceased Amino sugars and glycoproteins
2010344583 Granted Packaged green-tea beverage
2010344584 Granted Packaged green-tea beverage
1988021868 Ceased New yeast strains providing for an enhanced rate of the fermentation of sugars, a process to obtain such yeasts and the use of these yeasts
1997025321 Ceased Modified pectin material
2001038927 Granted Food bar
1990048146 Ceased Spun sugar as method of dispersal to form colloid and method of manufacture
1992021556 Ceased Process for producing ethanol
1994064930 Expired Method of producing sugars using strong acid hydrolysis of cellulosic and hemicellulosic materials
2010217893 Lapsed Materials and methods for identifying and using yeast strains that metabolize pentose sugars in the presence of D-glucose
2011201216 Ceased Recovery of lignin and water soluble sugars from plant materials
2014236555 Filed Beverages containing rare sugars
2016229931 Filed Field application of sugars to increase crop yield
2005208897 Granted Branched polymeric sugars and nucleotides thereof
2006309394 Granted Method of producing an agave-based beer-type alcoholic drink
2008331448 Granted Integrated process for the production of ethylene-butylene copolymer, an ethylene-butylene copolymer and the use of ethylene and 1-butylene, as comonomer, sourced from renewable natural raw materials
2009213162 Granted Method of production of ethanol from two different starting materials
1984029086 Ceased Stabilized coagulation control products