# Status Description
2016264738 Filed Foldably constructed force-resisting structure or support
2016277369 Filed Solar power generation device, method for installing solar power generation device, and method for operating solar power generation device
2017100032 Granted Combination Structure for a Labyrinth
2017219106 Filed A Support Mechanism
2000059501 Granted Adjustable stairway for use with an overcast in a mine
2001089342 Ceased Method and installation for exchanging roll supports on winding stations arranged in a row
2002232583 Ceased Orthopedic brace having length-adjustable supports
1998071846 Ceased An improved wheelchair
2001023202 Lapsed Jointing system
2006209785 Lapsed Hammock stand
2007238092 Lapsed Posterior spinal device and method
2008348861 Granted Vertical frame intended for the construction of a frame stanchion, a supporting frame and/or a supporting frame tower
1987077515 Ceased Wheel assembly for towing boats
1990050850 Ceased End-attachment of oligonucleotides to polyacrylamide solid supports for capture and detection of nucleic acids
1991084894 Ceased Method and device for laying access floors, and access-floor support
2016272567 Filed Methods, supports and kits for enhanced CGH analysis
2016280009 Filed Systems and methods for monitoring longwall mine roof stability
2017272173 Filed Winch
1997014925 Ceased Vacuum lifting device
1998095215 Ceased Cast-in fastenings for use in concrete components