Surgical Procedures

# Status Description
1985048048 Ceased Universal medical cover sheet and process for draping
2007221857 Granted Surgical console operable to simulate surgical procedures
1998090156 Ceased Compositions, apparatus and methods for facilitating surgical procedures
1991069974 Ceased Video systems for surgical procedures
1993050678 Ceased Methods and apparatus for performing ultrasonic assisted surgical procedures
2002231182 Granted Surgical articles
2001026386 Ceased Liquid jet-powered surgical instruments
2005200516 Granted Surgical articles
2007203054 Granted System and method for the modification of surgical procedures using a graphical drag and drop interface
2005203674 Lapsed Liquid jet-powered surgical instruments
2000024247 Ceased Method and apparatus for delivering bio-active compounds to specified sites in the body
2008203052 Granted Surgical methods and devices with movement assistance
2005234778 Granted Integrated surgical microscope and wavefront sensor
2000033175 Ceased Kit for endovascular venous surgery
2002220239 Granted Smoke evacuation system
2002340026 Lapsed System and methods for performing surgical procedures and assessments
1987079267 Lapsed Reloading unit for surgical fastening instruments
1988025382 Ceased Tissue fragmentation and/or hemostasis
1994079347 Ceased Surgical procedures
1999035612 Granted Evacuator