Swinging Support

# Status Description
1990063987 Expired Improvements in and/or relating to swinging arm pivotal support means
2000072464 Ceased Valve operating system in internal combustion engine
1990054852 Ceased Device for keeping the spatial attitude of a member, constrained to swinging support, with respect to a fixed element
2003200713 Ceased Self-leveling hydrometer
1989041308 Ceased Improvement of the performance of plants for curving and tempering of glass plates on a shaping bed curved in the direction of travel of the glass plates
1993041701 Ceased Method and apparatus for digging trenches
1998059713 Ceased Drilling apparatus
2008100437 Ceased Swinging waist-twisting fitness equipment
2014324065 Filed Swinging-sliding door module for a rail vehicle with improved over-centre locking
1994081658 Ceased Shopping trolley for supermarkets and the like
2007100053 Expired Human powered surfboard
1992017795 Expired Centraliser
2012316844 Lapsed Device and method for driving tunnels, galleries or the like
1992026105 Ceased Dart board game cabinet
1998089286 Ceased Operator enclosure
1991088230 Ceased Adjustable support arm assembly
2008100273 Ceased An improved structure of automatic wood planer
2008250208 Granted Reciprocating tool
2009100705 Ceased Walking aid hands free
2000047167 Ceased Load limiting device