Systems and Devices

# Status Description
2005208879 Granted Crystal forming devices and systems and methods for making and using the same
2008252063 Granted Implantable medical devices and associated programmers, methods and systems
2007220298 Lapsed Apparatus and methods for electromagnetic identification
2007284676 Lapsed System, method, and device for the expression or repression of proteins
2008229323 Lapsed Screw systems and methods for use in stabilization of bone structures
2010248802 Accepted Methods, systems and devices for neuromodulating spinal anatomy
2006264997 Lapsed Searching data storage systems and devices
2007235543 Lapsed Systems and methods for stabilization of bone structures
2009204417 Granted Medical systems and devices for endoscopically suturing perforations
2009204511 Granted Systems and methods for therapeutic electrical stimulation
2010257395 Granted Systems, devices and methods for measuring whole blood hematocrit based on initial fill velocity
2004294990 Granted Vascular occlusion methods, systems and devices
2010241552 Ceased Medical systems, devices and methods for suturing perforations
2013246048 Filed Devices, systems and methods for modulation of the nervous system
2015264879 Filed Extracranial Implantable Devices, Systems and Methods for the Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
2002027546 Lapsed Affinity based self-assembly systems and devices for photonic and electronic applications
2003299798 Granted Systems and methods of sample processing and temperature control
2008293431 Withdrawn Selective cytopheresis devices and related methods thereof
1988016883 Ceased Alignment process for gun fire control device and gun fire control device for implementation of the process
2004208147 Granted Methods, systems, and devices for evaluation of thermal treatment