Tables and Flat Surfaces

# Status Description
1994053538 Ceased Pipe connecting assembly and method for joining two lengths of steel pipe by a press-fit connection
2010100795 Ceased Squeegee strip application to packaging
1989043797 Ceased Mixing apparatus and methods of fabricating same
1993034514 Ceased Multi-shaft continuously operating mixing and kneading machine for plasticisable compounds
2002361169 Ceased Simultaneous riveting system of flat surfaces for riveters
2007300713 Granted Space frame connection node arrangement
2017101120 Certified Multipurpose module block constructor, as modular furniture building set with interlocking upholstery.
2011244966 Granted Aortic valve prostheses
2011244968 Granted Stent structures for use with valve replacements
2011280473 Granted Connector inspection system
2012237696 Lapsed Flat suture anchor
1997042802 Ceased Method for cutting tube
2006317734 Granted A bearing in connection with a boom
2007100081 Ceased Adjustable pitch Face Milling Cutter
2014262379 Filed A closure with a surface tension seal
1989046997 Ceased Cable-housing tube assembly
1999020743 Ceased Blocks for wall surface of houses
1995010194 Lapsed Multi-chip module
2009332193 Lapsed Heat exchanger
1993052186 Expired System, apparatus and method for generating large jackpots on live card game tables