Tents and Coverings

# Status Description
2011336403 Granted Near infrared reflecting composition and coverings for architectural openings incorporating same
1996051904 Ceased Improvements relating to tent structures
2008203269 Lapsed Lift cord system for retractable covering
1999013302 Granted Method for producing and using storage-stable, latent-reactive layers or powders of surface-deactivated, solid polyisocyanates and dispersion polymers with functional groups
2014370449 Filed Anti-ballistic shelters
2004202193 Lapsed A Tent which is Pitched and Disassembled by One Touch
1999061262 Lapsed A tent which is pitched and disassembled by one touch
1993039461 Ceased Near-end communications line characteristic measuring system
1996075141 Ceased Crosslinkable polyolefin compositions
2003244553 Granted Device for locking a separative element
1991087179 Withdrawn Anchorage device for use in sand or sandy soils
1989029830 Lapsed Truck rear bumper-storage compartment assembly with facility for sheet material storage and dispensing, such as truck bed cover tarpaulins, tents and the like
1989036038 Ceased Frames for tents and the like
1999051358 Padded raised flooring panels and coverings
2017203472 Filed Control of architectural opening coverings
2003268544 Granted Multiple hazard protection articles and methods for making them
2017208314 Filed Removable covering and interactive packaging
1994058795 Lapsed Solid sun-ray filtering means for optimum suntan
2014289560 Filed Device and method for folding open, filling, and closing packing coverings
1995038888 Expired Infrared reflective coverings