Textile Washing

# Status Description
1991073538 Lapsed Oxidized polygalactomannan for improved textile washing
2005244543 Lapsed Clothes washing or drying machine with improved controls
1996075649 Glycine-n,n-diacetic acid derivatives used as organic co-builders in textile washing-agent formulations
1994054651 Ceased Mixtures of polymers of monoethylenically unsaturated dicarboxylic acids and polymers of ethylenically unsaturatedmonocarboxylic acids and/or polyaminocarboxylic acids, and the use of such mixtures
2005282227 Lapsed Apparatus for continuously coating and continuously washing lengths of textile material
2013299315 Filed Clip device for holding a textile piece for a washing process and/or drying process
1998097061 Ceased Asymmetric stilbene compounds
2013306078 Filed Method of washing textile articles
2005248928 Lapsed Textile product treating apparatus having an ultrasonic cleaning device
2011257948 Granted Laundry device
1992028711 Ceased Method for dyeing polyethylene terephthalate films at two temperatures
1988010136 Lapsed Surfactant compositions, washing and defoaming processes
2006201622 Lapsed Washing basket
1987076557 Expired High performance washing process for vertical axis automatic washer
1995020003 Ceased Fabric detergents containing a fluorescent whitening agent
2013239340 Lapsed A method of creating a frictional washing surface
2015317182 Filed Whitening composition
2016212004 Filed Composition and method for treatment of stains in textiles
1989032560 Ceased Pouched through the washer and dryer laundry additive product having at least one wall comprised of finely apertured polymeric film
1990068446 Ceased High performance washing process for vertical axis automatic washer