Vacuum Handling

# Status Description
1988019347 Expired Amorphous copolymers of perfluoro-2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxole
2011203263 Granted System and method for handling a container with a vacuum panel in the container body
1999057099 Ceased Vacuum tank for use in handling oil and gas well cuttings
2003271344 Lapsed Slicing and vacuum-packing assembly
2006241227 Lapsed Vacuum-actuated shear valve device, system, and method, particularly for use in service station environments
2002052765 Lapsed Crypt front handling method and apparatus
1999065412 Lapsed Improved apparatus and method for applying coating materials to individual sheet members
1987070354 Ceased A device for use in the handling of body fluids
1987083326 Ceased Composition and process for drying and expanding microspheres
2006299312 Lapsed A vacuum holding- device
1989046186 Ceased Method and apparatus for handling sheet material
1992015070 Ceased Bi-functional transfer foot
2003204232 Ceased Carton handling method & apparatus
1992013350 Ceased A device for wrapping and welding under vacuum, used in the manufacture of a thermally insulated container
2005304275 Lapsed Layered package handling method and apparatus
1997014895 Ceased Plastic combined vacuum and holding tank
2005295093 Ceased Method for reducing allergens in an enclosure
2013336501 Lapsed Method for handling material in a material conveying system, input point of a material conveying system, and a material conveying system
2010203790 Lapsed Method and system for handling containers
1999023767 Ceased Device for driving/stopping brush of vacuum cleaner