Valve Actuation

# Status Description
2009222447 Lapsed Ball valve actuation mechanism
2009283910 Granted Annulus isolation valve
2001042033 Ceased Push button two side operation hand brake release
2002100404 Ceased Ezee key
2002365879 Granted Aerosol valve assembly
2012261479 Lapsed High rate discharge (HRD) valve incorporating a collect sleeve release mechanism
1989042106 Expired Selectively actuatable lighter
2014399897 Filed Valves for regulating downhole fluids using contactless actuation
2001097473 Lapsed Adjustment mechanism for valves
1986062042 Ceased Low-cost post-mix beverage dispenser and syrup supply system therefor
1997016224 Expired Pump
2012232965 Granted Dispensing Valve
1997016223 Expired Pump and over-center snap link
1994063342 Ceased Method and apparatus of vehicle transmission control by assured minimum pulse width
2001038880 Ceased Packer annulus differential pressure valve
2004314703 Granted System and method for preventing piston-valve collision on a non-freewheeling internal combustion engine
1999023901 Ceased A mechanism for opening and closing a shut-off valve
2009201672 Lapsed Dispensing device
1997031564 Ceased Subsurface safety valve actuation pressure amplifier
1993052116 Ceased A foot-operated faucet