Vapor Contact

# Status Description
2003233415 Ceased Improved residuum conversion process
2001257201 Lapsed Process for upgrading residua
2003230977 Lapsed Food preservation container and filter
1996058360 Lapsed Liquid-vapor contact column
1995034034 Ceased FCC catalyst stripper
1995034310 Lapsed Liquid vapor contact device
1995040583 Lapsed Liquid-vapor contact column
1997048879 Ceased Method for distilling a mixtures of substances and a device for carrying same into effect
1996070383 Ceased Vapor sterilization using inorganic hydrogen peroxide complexes
1999060268 Ceased Two stage hydroprocessing with vapor-liquid interstage contacting for vapor heteroatom removal
1995030218 Ceased Contact tray apparatus and method
1994061959 Ceased Fusel oil stripping
2017204568 Filed Systems and methods for prostate treatment
1997024379 Ceased High capacity vapor-liquid contact tray
1992016422 Ceased Flue gas conditioning system
2005200563 Granted Optical member, process of producing optical member, and process of producing thin film
1991076013 Ceased Inverted fractionation apparatus and use on a heavy oil catalytic cracking
2017200337 Filed Diffusion-rate-limited thermal chemical vapor deposition coating
1998093039 Lapsed Downcomers for vapor-liquid contact trays