Vehicle Attached

# Status Description
1988020005 Ceased Motor vehicle dust and mud deflector
2014262549 Accepted Utility vehicle with a continuously variable transmission having a system for selectively establishing a fixed maximum transmission ratio
2011253545 Granted Electrical connector
1998077457 Ceased Multicombination vehicle and method for transporting a payload in an underground mine
2002010210 Ceased Innovia vehicle lock-on device
2012100897 Ceased Cara - suite
2008200324 Lapsed Hahn Eezy Multi Lift
2002300699 Granted Personnel Carrying Vehicle
2017101634 Granted A roof rack for a vehicle
1997017847 Ceased A multipurpose cover for car
1993046142 Expired Axle suspension systems
2001048057 Lapsed Spoiler
1999054005 Lapsed Retractable locking side mirror assembly for motor vehicles
2000072122 Granted A hydraulic drilling rig
2009200218 Granted Mounting bracket
1994053074 Lapsed High ground clearance vehicle suspension
2005202826 Granted Agricultural apparatus
2008363845 Lapsed Aerodynamic device for a vehicle
1992010878 Lapsed An accessory for a vehicle
1998080775 Lapsed Method and apparatus for monitoring vehicle related particulars