Vibration and Earthquake Isolation

# Status Description
2004252398 Ceased Elastomeric vibration and shock isolation for inertial sensor assemblies
2002236433 Shock, vibration and acoustic isolation system
1994057136 Ceased Antiseismic connector of limited vibration for seismic isolation of a structure
2006231616 Granted Vibration isolation
2004249687 Lapsed Food waste disposer having antimicrobial components
2002222625 Earthquake seismic intensity monitor system, safety information confirming system and method at disaster occurrence, and earthquake seismic intensity predictingdevice and earthquake seismic intensity predicting method using this
2010310881 Granted Remote isolation system, method and apparatus
2011286639 Granted False ore, and analysis system using same
2012321399 Granted Apparatus and method of flash butt welding of railway lines
2005218499 Granted Ultrasonic surgical blade having transverse and longitudinal vibration
2015201914 Granted Compressed gas motor for operation of a lavage system
2008100304 Ceased Motorized shade assembly with reduced vibration and noise
2010254012 Granted Vibration detection in a drill string based on multi-positioned sensors
2014376264 Filed Active vibration control system and method for reducing sound and/or vibration in a passenger cabin of an aircraft
1991068680 Ceased Device for collecting and processing fat tissue to produce endothelial cell product
1991070230 Ceased Sound absorbing mat
1992019799 Ceased Ultrasonic vibration generation and use
1995040730 Ceased Vibration sensor for vehicle transmissions
2004242369 Lapsed Vibration sensing touch input device