Wireless Communication

# Status Description
1986062246 Expired Method for dynamically regrouping subscribers on a communications system.
1995011604 Lapsed Wireless communication terminal
1993044627 Ceased Security systems
1993035153 Ceased Wireless personal communicator and method of operating a portable wireless communication device
1995010895 Ceased A communication network providing wireless and hard-wired dynamic routing
1993036634 Ceased Slot hopped FD/TD/CDMA
2006201102 Ceased In-vehicle mount type wireless communication device
1999055988 Lapsed Wireless facsimile system and facsimile converter therefor
2008202659 Granted Method and system for providing supervisory control over wireless phone usage
1997031997 Granted Method and apparatus for addressing a wireless communication station with a dynamically-assigned address
1999036402 Ceased Satellite positioning system augmentation with wireless communication signals
1990059876 Expired Subscriber unit for wireless digital subscriber communication system
1993038355 Ceased Apparatus and method for non-regular channel assignment in wireless communication networks
2007319037 Lapsed Wireless communication network and method of dynamic channel selection of a wireless communication network
2007221896 Lapsed Wireless LAN system and wireless communication method
2005202855 Ceased Communication system, communication terminal apparatus and wireless key apparatus
2005202864 Ceased Head set apparatus, communication terminal apparatus and communication system
2007202713 Lapsed Wireless communication failure monitoring system and monitoring device
1995040737 Ceased A radio frequency local area network
1999039166 Ceased Parallel optimization of wireless networks