Limacorporate spa

# Status Description
2008272605 Granted Humeral prosthesis
2011214043 Granted Glenoid support for shoulder prosthesis
2011249527 Granted Integrated prosthetic element
2011346744 Lapsed Composite material suitable for biomedical use, and method to produce it
2013245380 Accepted Prosthetic element for bone extremities such as fingers or toes, or for teeth, and corresponding production method
2013336331 Filed Acetabular prosthesis and corresponding method for production and assembly
1990050121 Ceased Snap-on swivel seal
1993044799 Ceased Spa bath and pool components
2013101065 Ceased A safety barrier in conjunction with a set of steps and childhood proof access to a spa, swim spa or swimming pool
2010206009 Granted Spa pump control interface
1995010240 Ceased Spa skimmer
2011296098 Granted Internet based spa networking system having wireless spa nodes
2000023846 Ceased Protective antigen of group A Streptococci (SPA)
2002011958 Lapsed Improvements in heating of pools and spas
2003288831 Granted A spa bath fitting and spa bath
2003296394 Lapsed Multifeature foot spa
2004202385 Ceased Curvilinear spa
2010202868 Lapsed Spa, Swim Spa or the like with Multi-functional Auxiliary Accommodation Module
2014229102 Filed System and method for dynamic device discovery and address assignment
2004305150 Lapsed Modular prefabricated spa