# Status Description
2008272605 Granted Humeral prosthesis
2011214043 Granted Glenoid support for shoulder prosthesis
2011249527 Granted Integrated prosthetic element
2011346744 Lapsed Composite material suitable for biomedical use, and method to produce it
2012384682 Filed Humeral implant for a shoulder prosthesis
2013245380 Accepted Prosthetic element for bone extremities such as fingers or toes, or for teeth, and corresponding production method
2013336331 Filed Acetabular prosthesis and corresponding method for production and assembly
2014269983 Filed Acetabular prosthesis
2014276407 Filed Modular humeral prosthesis
2015203033 Filed Instrument For The Removal of a Bone Insert and Corresponding Bone Insert Removal Method
2015213574 Filed Artificial knee joint
2015313776 Filed Guide for the resection of the femur
2016231766 Filed Improved glenoid anchor for a shoulder joint prosthesis