Ocius winch

# Status Description
2017202443 Filed Winch drum tension isolation system
2017101341 Granted Winch including rotatable tie structure
2017200894 Filed Method and system for simulating marine assets as well as an arrangement including the system
2001016345 Ceased Winch
2017101280 Granted Winch
2002253969 Ceased Improved winch mount
2007202070 Granted An improved winch assembly
2008100640 Ceased Trailer winch
1990048900 Ceased Winch mechanism
1992028427 Lapsed Winch assembly
1994067171 Ceased Transport cableway
2000071686 Ceased Winching system
2002323890 Ceased Wheel-mountable winch
1992027495 Ceased Wheel winch
1998057999 Ceased Multi-speed winch
2002022987 Lapsed A winch for a vehicle
2008264650 Ceased Method of replacing wind turbine equipment
2008323602 Granted A drum winch
2009100202 Ceased Winch Cover
2012100754 Granted A winch, a winch handle and a method